Some of our clients

Show me a social media example.

One of our social managers managed to reach 194.000 cycling enthousiast in 2 days.

We are very proud of that. That’s why we wanted to explain and show you this example.


A simple post where our client gets 2 tickets for Gent-Wevelgem, one of many cycling races in Flanders (Belgium). This image managed to activate followers to share it 1.752 times. Without asking in copy, there were 5.266 reactions.


Tip: Make it simple, choose your image wisely and tag the event.


Excited what we can do for your cycling brand? Send us a mail.

Our social agency today used to be not only for cycling companies. Today this branche needs a digital make-over. That’s why we created a network of cycling copywriters, video specialists and photographers. They all have a passion for cycling.

Because our previous projects are still active (of course!), we don’t want them to throw out of our portfolio.

Vivocyclo is an online cycling platform for every kind of cyclist. Vivocyclo communicates everything about cycling no matter what kind of cycling-enthusiast you are.

The first website of Vivocyclo was an exclusive content website. After one year, we changed the design and back-end because it needed more functionalities. Today it’s a lot heavier and server-wise it can manage all content.

First, there was, then there was A proces of making websites and figure out what works. This website is down and forwarded tot

We love cycling. We love projects. So, we started one more. On and, we created an overview of local bicycle retailers in Belgium and The Netherlands.

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Filip Sport

So, we have a lot of contact with cycling brands. Filip Sport, a local retailer wants his bicycles online. He’s right. So we made his website and we set up the blog-opportunities for him to expand his community.


Cycling store in Eeklo (Belgium) needed visibility online. We created the website with store images and easy-to-find contact details.

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Aannemingen Snoeck

Quality needs to be shown. We wanted to show the projects of Björn Snoeck. His expertise on projects convinces new clients for news projects.

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The most innovative, coolest trombone-ensemble ever. Actually, I only know one ensemble. Ok, but they’re really cool. So we made them look cool online.

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Mobile Premium

The Firs Private Marketplace for mobile advertising. Pretty cool title, right? They combine media to be stronger and have more influence on marketing level.

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Eylenbosch Projecten

Showing projects is the key for succes in building-industry. Beautiful finished photos must be shown to attract new clients.

B&B de Voorplaats

In the centre of Bruges (Belgium), you’ll find B&B de Voorplaats. A beautiful modern bed & breakfast. Combined with a reservation form, the website reflects the inside of the house.

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Bois Nu

Side-project Bois Nu of ‘aannemingen Snoeck’, gives your old furniture new life.

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